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Kid's Carrying The Kingdom 
This four volume curriclum takes our chidlren on a year long journey where they encounter the Father's love through Jesus Christ, discover their identity, and are equipped and released to fullfil their "Royal Mission"... bringing Heaven to earth.
Lessons include: Teaching outline, Scripture references, object lessons, dramas, "Heaven to Home" parent page, "Class Act" time for group activation and reproducible memory-color & activity pages.  Comesin 3 ring binder. 12 weekly lessons and 1 review lesson. 
Ages 6 - 11 
Color/Activity/Parents pages are the only pages allowed to be photocopied. 


Lessons 1-13    137 Pages

01  "Two Kingdoms"  defines and contrasts the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of darkness

02  "Who's My Daddy?"  reveals God the Creator as God our Heavenly Father

03  "God's Love Reaches Down"  shows how a loving and Holy God reached through our sin

04  "Royal Mission"  an invitation to God's children to bring Heaven to earth

05  "A Gift From Heaven"  introduces the power of God, the Holy Spirit

06  "Smeared With God"  a teaching and releasing of God's anointing

07  "Authority to Rule"  the authority Jesus has given us to demonstrate His Kingdom on earth

08  "Soaking in His Presence"  describes how to "be still and know God" 

09  "Hearing God's Voice"  how to hear and recognize  when God is talking to us

10  "God's Word are Good"  teaching, demonstrating and releasing the gift of prophecy

11 God's Healing Love"  a scriptural study on God's desire to heal

12  "Healing the Sick"  teaches children how to minister God's love through praying for the sick

13  "Review/Special Events Week"

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Lessons 27-39     149 Pages

27  "God is in a Good Mood" Reveals the goodnes of God
28  "Faith Is"  A wonderful gift from Papa God
29  "Faith Pleases God" Having strong faith in God says that we know who our Father is and that He is good.
30  "Power of the Testimony I" Declaring the mighty works of God, helps us “see” and discover who our Father is. 
31  "A Power of the Testimony II" Testimonies remind us who we are in God.
32  "A Love Letter" The Bible  "Love letters" to us reveal His love for us.
33  "My Treasure" The Bible is a valuable treasure that feeds our spirit and equips us.
34  "Strengthen Yourself" Our strength is in His presence. The story of David.
35  "Compassion" A powerful force, brings God’s love and power  together to help people.
36  "God's Glory" Revealing His power, holiness, love and awesome splendor.
37  "A Thankful Heart" Thankfulnss as a act of worship brings us into a place of intimacy with God.
38  "Joy to the World" The joy of the Lord is our supernatural strength.
39  "Review/Special Events Week"


Lessons 14-26    144 Pages

14  "Welcome Holy Spirit"  introduces the Holy Spirit as a promised by Father God, part of the Trinity.

15  "A Guiding Light?"  the Holy Spirit as a companion who guides us to all truth.

16  "Praying in the Spirit"  building up our spirit man, following the Holy Spirit.

17  "A Pure Heart"  Closeness to God keeps our heart pure, we are righteous.

18  "Loving the Lord - Part 1"  God is love, and He first loved us. Understanding His love.

19  "Loving the Lord - Part II"  Loving God with all our heart, soul and mind.

20 "Powerful Peace"  Peace protects our heart, makes us feel secure, is a powerful force agianst the devil
21  "Love Your Neighbor"  loving our neighbor by giving and serving from our heart. 

22  "Attitude of Gratitude"  being thankful is a lifestyle, an act of worship, a powerful force.

23  "A Heart To Give"  True giving comes from the heart, reflects God's love.

24 "Speaking our Heart"  Our words can build up or tear down... use them wisely.

25  "Power of Forgiveness"  teaches forgiveness sets people free.
26  "Review/Special Events Week"

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Lessons 40-52     145 Pages

40  "What Was God Thinking When He Made You?"  Reveals the good thoughts the Father has for us.

41  "Lightning From Heaven"  the power of prayers (agreement and declarations).

42  "Praying God's Heart"  describes intercessory prayer.

43  "A Culture of Honor"  living out this Kingdom value as a lifestyle.

44  "Giving Honor"  how to demonstrate honor to whom it is due.

45  "Courage"  loving God more than the opinion of peers.

46 "A Servant's Heart"  describes Kingdom promotion through servant leadership
47 "A Piece of the Puzzle"  our uniqueness and connection with others displays th Kingdom of Heaven. 

48  "Good To GO!"  our mission to bring God's Kingdom to the nations as Jesus' inheritance.

49  "Seven Mountains"  idetifies the spheres of culture that we get to influence.

50 "Mountains Climbers" how to release the Kingdom to the mountains of influence.

51  "Fruit for a Friend"  describes the motivation and heart for bringing Heaven to earth.
52  "Review/Special Events Week"

Supernatural Children's Teaching 
Hearts need to be prepared to allow a true impartation of and by the Holy Spirit. By discovering their identity and destiny this manual equips children to effectively "minister" today.
This manual contains 12 lessons and one set of color brochures (one per lesson - additional brochures can be ordered). Lessons include: Bible verse, skit or object lesson, materials needed list, and a special "Note to the Teacher". Ages 6 - 11.  Grades 1 - 5.

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Affirming Foundations
Four foundational truths which provide a solid base for our Christian faith... Salvation, Water Baptism, Communion, and the Holy Spirit. These lessons are taught from the perspective of "Papa God's" absolute love for us and reveal God's Kingdom in a way children can easily comprehend and receive.
The accompanying CD contains PowerPoint presentations and reproducible color and activity pages. Ages 6 - 11.  Grades 1 -5.
Written by Mike Seth

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Afirmando Nuestros Fundamentos
Esta serie presenta cuatro fundamentos de nuestra fe cristiana: La Salvación, El Bautismo en Agua, La Santa Cena y El Bautismo en el Espíritu Santo.
Enseñamos estas lecciones desde el punto de vista del amor absoluto que tiene nuestro "Papá Dios"
por nosotros. Revelan el Reino de Dios en una forma sencilla y comprensible que cualquier niño
pueda entender y recibir. Recuerde, cualquier currículo es sólo una herramienta. Su propio corazón y
la unción de Dios es lo que Él usará para impartir Su amor, verdad y Reino a Sus hijos/ . Es
importante asegurar que cada maestro haya experimentado su propia salvación, su bautismo en
agua y su bautismo con el Espíritu Santo.
 Mike Seth

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